Bradley Voice and Data

Bob Evans Line Point Of Sale

Bradley Voice and Data

Offering premier break/fix troubleshooting and repair service to the Triangle area of North Carolina.

We specialize in computer, network, and point of sale troubleshooting and repair in commercial environments.

Break / Fix services start at $100/hr, flat rates and service contracts are available.

What services do you provide?

I offer a large variety of services at a range of prices according to the selected skillset. These include:

  • On site networking and Point Of Sale maintenance, installation, troubleshooting, and repair
    • Networking and Point Of Sale
    • Emergency break-fix
    • Digital Telephony and PBX
  • Basic and Advanced Cabling
    • Cabling
    • POTS and Demarc
    • SmartJack Broadband Extension
  • Basic Technician Services
    • Part Swap
    • "Smart Hand" Onsite Remote Operation
  • Residential
    • Residential VOIP and Network maintenance, installation, troubleshooting, and repair
  • Consulting
    • Router and Firewall Setup and Programming
    • Network Design and Implimentation
    • Point Of Sale Design and Architecture
    • Network Operation Center Installation Maintenance and Repair
  • and much more!

Contact me today to schedule service, arrange an appointment, or request a quote.